Duffy Books

We raise student engagement in reading by being a “Duffy School”. This scheme nurtures a love of books and gives our children access to brand new quality books to read. Our school is sponsored by Lizzie Coote, who is based in Auckland.

Her sponsorship has enabled our school to access and own thousands of beautiful brand-new books every year since 2012. Throughout the year three special assemblies are held and all children receive books to take home.

  • At assemblies a Duffy Book Award is given out to one pupil from each class. Certificates and books are found in front office.

  • Special VIP Assemblies for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Grandparent’s Day are also held where we acknowledge the important members of our children’s whanau. Duffy Books also provides a special book for these deserving people.

  • There is also a Duffy Heroes Assembly where a prominent person comes to our school and talks to the children about what they do and how important reading has been to them.
  • Dates for these events are on the school annual planner in the staff-room and online. Our administrator organizes this programme. We expect classroom teachers to familiarise students with Duffy song prior to Duffy events. Students write a thank you letter to our sponsor each year.